Travel & Vacation

The travel industry is considered to be a risky business due to its high sales volume, refunds, frauds and chargeback. When the merchants involved in this industry try to open a travel merchant account with credit card companies and other lending institutions, they often find it difficult.

All the risks associated with this industry are identified by This is one of the biggest reasons why a travel merchant account is awarded to each of our clients. Such an account makes our clients eligible for fraud protection and card processing benefits.

Facilities offered for a Travel Merchant Account

Numerous facilities are provided to all C3 Trading Inc clients that are a part of the travel industry and are marked as high-risk businesses.

Benefits offered by our merchant accounts include –

Online Processing of Credit Cards – Credit cards can now be processed online very easily with our card processing facility. Merchants possessing high risks will no longer need to visit their bank branches for depositing checks from now on.

Online Shopping Cart – Your website can now have an online shopping cart from our side.

Accepting Credit Cards – Credit or debit cards of all major types are now accepted by us be it your Visa or MasterCard!

Online Reporting – Transaction reports can be viewed by the travel merchant account holder over the internet.

Reliable Virtual Terminal and Payment Gateways – C3 Trading Inc delivers a certain level of protection that makes it more reliable and secure than the other payment gateways.

24×7 Technical Helpdesk – Our clients can now avail our 24×7 Customer Care as well as Technical Assistance.

You’ll now be able to experience the best of travel merchant benefits through our travel merchant accounts, since we know the importance of your business more than anyone else.