Applying for Your Telemarketing Merchant Account with C3 Trading Inc

For telemarketing merchants, it gets easier to accept transactions involving credit cards over the telephone or over the internet once they apply for any virtual terminal and telemarketing account. Besides providing a detailed merchant account package, you’ll need to share a strong credit card processing history with your merchant account manager in order to qualify for a virtual terminal. In order to acquire more knowledge on the virtual terminal, payment gateway and telemarketing merchant account services, you may get in touch with C3 Trading Incover the internet or call us toll-free at +1(833)380-0900.

Options for Processing Your Telemarketing Credit Card –

With C3 Trading Inc, a plethora of options for processing credit cards will be shown to you. A majority of the credit card processing needs of your business can be fulfilled when you get a customized merchant account. Such a merchant account can be customized out of all multi-currency merchant accounts that enable you to utilize multi-card solutions besides receiving Euros, GBP and USD for accepting transactions involving MasterCard and Visa.

Telemarketing Industries We Serve

C3 Trading Inc render its services towards businesses that rely on telemarketing agencies and belong to multiple industries. Industries served by us include –

  • PPI Claims
  • Cold Calling Telemarketing Agencies
  • B2C Telemarketing Agencies
  • B2B Telemarketing Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • SEO Firms
  • Collection Agencies

Telemarketing merchant accounts are genuinely needed by a number of businesses that work with C3 Trading Inc. In order to check if you’re pre-qualified, you must get in touch with us over the phone for free.

Website Needs for Virtual Terminal Access

You must run a website that depicts quality functions for gaining access to our C3 Trading Inc virtual terminal. You’ll also need to satisfy the criteria set by MasterCard and Visa websites. Criteria to be met by merchants that require only a MOTO credit card processing services are quite simple and basic in nature. For additional information, you may contact with any C3 Trading Inc merchant account manager.

Integrating with PayeUp Payment Gateway

You must integrate your website to our C3 Trading Inc payment gateway once your merchant account is approved by your acquiring bank. Our server will be connected to your server and it will enable you to perform transactions involving your secure credit card (PCI compliant) through your telephone or over the internet. Under circumstances when you experience any problem, you may integrate it with the help of our team of in-house technicians.