Tech Support

Tech Support Merchant Account

You’re bound to get tech support merchant account that’s easily customizable regardless of whether you’re providing in-office computer services or any distant assistance. For merchants that are a part of the online tech support industry, it’s really tough to find a credit card processing solution that’s reliable and inexpensive. C3 Trading Inc has a huge network of acquiring banks that are doing business from international, offshore and onshore locations. Irrespective of your geographical position, you may avail the services of any of these banks to get your tech support merchant account approved.

Processing Currencies and Credit Cards that are Acceptable-

You may accept MasterCard and Visa transactions with the tech support merchant account provided by C3 Trading Inc. You may now consider a little over 160 currencies for accepting credit cards online with the help of our payment gateway. Such currencies will include Great Britain pounds, Euros and US Dollars.

Free Virtual Terminal for Businesses that Provide Tech Support Online –

Your risk factor is largely enhanced by a virtual terminal. Operating a call center profitably is often mandatory for some businesses. You may even avail a virtual terminal for free if you’re dealing with some qualified online computer services. Your payment gateway is bound to be integrated with such terminal.

Chargeback Mitigation Plan with Exceptional Features –

A very effective chargeback mitigation plan will be provided to you once your tech support merchant account is processed with us. This plan will enable you to lower your chargebacks every month by up to 35%.

Fees for Tech Support Merchant Account-

You won’t need to pay anything for submitting your merchant account application. The merchant account fees that you pay are quite affordable and competitive. Your merchant account fees will be determined once your application gets processed by the bank. This is only possible after you’re compared with our banking partners by our underwriting department. Till the time our underwriting process gets completed, it’s not possible for us to determine the final fees that you‘re supposed to pay. Fees determined by the bank often vary depending on their respective cases. However, you may get in touch with us for a free quote.