Retail Merchants

C3 Trading Inc.  credit card processing solution allows merchant to offer flexible payment method at the point of sale. This includes major credit, debit cards ACH/eChecks. Improve customer service with quick, safe, efficient checkouts and advanced credit card processing terminals.

Learn More about Retail Merchants

Retail merchant accounts, POS terminals and a few other retail merchant services are provided by C3 Trading Inc to numerous US businesses. For each of your business needs, C3 Trading Inc will find a solution when you’re trying to accept credit cards from brands like MasterCard and Visa. We are always here to assist you regardless of whether you’re the owner of a large or small business. Do you need to deal with credit card payments over the internet? Check out our e-commerce merchant accounts immediately.

Retail Merchant Account Fees

The credit card processing industry is vast. We charge competitive and inexpensive fees and rates for the retail merchant accounts that we offer. Till the time the underwriting process gets completed, you can’t achieve the final fees and rates. Fees for these merchant accounts are determined by us and our banking partners.

  • Type of industry or business.
  • History of processing credit cards.
  • Volume of processing done every month.
  • Size of ticket on an average.

Applying for a Merchant Account

The process of applying for a merchant account is really quite short and simple. The specific needs of your business can’t be served by every acquiring bank. C3 Trading Inc helps you find a bank that matched your needs after the merchant account manager receives your application. Once the retail merchant account gets approved by the acquiring bank, the POS terminal gets shipped to your office or store. You’ll receive your credit cards, once the POS terminal is programmed and connected with your merchant account.

During the process of underwriting, the following documents are to be submitted by you –

  • Merchant Account Application duly filled out.
  • Marketing and Business Plan.
  • History of processing credit cards.
  • Supplier’s Agreements.
  • Curriculum Vitae or Résumé.
  • Passport or Photo ID.
  • Your own Utility Bill.
  • Statement of Your Business or Personal Bank.
  • Reference Letters from Your Business or Personal Bank.

Merchant Settlement Schedules

A merchant settlement schedule is determined by certain factors like that of your merchant account charges. The time for receiving the settlement is determined by different determining methods applied by each acquiring bank.

The business features mentioned below may be considered by the banks –

  • Type of industry or business.
  • Volume of processing done every month.
  • Duration for which you’ve been in business.
  • History of processing credit cards.
  • Ratio of refund and chargeback.

A majority of merchant settlements stand in arrears on a daily basis or for a couple of days. Once your application for a retail merchant account gets approved by an acquiring bank, you’ll be informed of your settlement schedule by the C3 Trading Inc merchant account manager.