Online Pharmacy

A number of international pharmacies are serving merchants that buy and sell medicines over the internet. Pharmacy merchants are among high-risk traders that are often rejected by the credit card processing services. Out of a vast majority of online services that are driving the business world, pharmacy merchants are among the most profitable ones.

Both in the UK and US, it’s more expensive to perform pharmaceutical trading. Profit maximization turns easier for most offshore traders. That’s one reason why most of them conduct business offshore.

The risk factor associated with this business seems to be the main cause behind rejection of their merchant account applications submitted with banks. Pharmacy merchant accounts are frequently issued once they are approved by offshore banks that fall within the C3 Trading Inc network.

How to Go about Pharmacy Merchant Accounts?

C3 Trading Inc has developed partnerships with a number of acquiring banks located in offshore locations. These banks are specialists in serving high-risk businesses with high-risk merchant accounts. Keeping the specific needs of individual merchants in mind, we provide them with customizable accounts. For enjoying the benefits, you may consider submitting your business details with any of our merchant account managers. Get in touch with us today to know more about these accounts.

Pharmacy Merchant Account Rates

We assess the rates of pharmacy merchant accounts on the basis of individual cases. A pharmacy merchant has to bear about 4 to 5 percent of his merchant account if his sales turnover is higher than $1 million every month. Rates worth 6 to 7 percent are offered to online pharmacy merchants whose sales turnover is lower than $50,000 every month. You mustn’t hesitate to inquire about specific rates by contacting our representative.

Pharmacy Merchant Account Approvals

You won’t need to pay anything while filling out your Pharmacy Merchant Account application with C3 Trading Inc. We usually take about 2 days to get your merchant account approved. The merchant acquires all the terms and conditions of processing credit cards set by the bank. Such information is communicated to him by the C3 Trading Incaccount manager soon after the latter achieves the notice of merchant account approval.

Once the offer is accepted by the merchant, he receives an email stating his merchant account contract. He is then required to sign the contract and send it back to C3 Trading Inc. The request is then processed online within a period of 24 to 48 hours.