Low Risk Merchants

International businesses depicting lower risks need credit card processing solutions. A number of retail and e-commerce merchants are covered by our merchant services. These services can provide you with the right processing solutions under all circumstances. Our wide network of banking partners allow us to provide an efficient payment processing package within a small period of time. It just takes up to 4 days for us to come up with a payment processing package that may be customized and liked by all low-risk merchants.

You’ve boarded the right platform if you’re looking for a quick credit card processing solution. It’s really simple to get started with our C3 Trading Inc merchant services; all you need to do to get started is to click on the button shown above. Our professionals are always there to assist you in case you have a query. Our live representative will be there to guide you whenever you’re seeking online help.

Features of a Low Risk Merchant

Merchants in our payment processing world are categorized under low-risk, medium-risk and high-risk categories. There are a number of business factors that determine their risk level like that of the country wherein they got incorporated and their processing history.

The following criteria is a perfect match for any business that falls within the low-risk category –

  • Every month an amount lower than $20,000 is processed by you.
  • The average size of ticket that you posses is lower than $50.
  • Your chargeback ratio is quite low.
  • The industry that you cater to reflects a lower risk.
  • The country of your incorporation falls within a low-risk category.

Are you quite sure that you depict a lower risk? We’re here to assist you. Our live chat feature helps you get in touch with our online representative and get your queries resolved.

Low Risk Categories

At C3 Trading Inc, we have a strong platform that enables us to accommodate various types of businesses and serve their target audiences efficiently. A large number of businesses have found financial solutions through our huge network of banking partners. We’ve roped in the following industries for our low-risk merchant accounts –

  • Home Goods
  • Pet Supplies
  • Movies, CDs and Books
  • Beauty & Health
  • Office Supplies
  • Online Apparel

Retail and Online Merchant Accounts

Global merchant accounts can be established by C3 Trading Inc for e-commerce purposes as we work with global merchants. At the same time, we also offer retail merchant accounts for all businesses that are based in the US. Our POS systems and online payment processing solutions yield the same benefits as that of our retail payment processing solutions. Read through our US merchant services website for collecting more information on our merchant accounts.

C3 Trading Inc Payment Gateway

You’ll gain access to our payment gateway (which is PCI compliant), once you qualify for a merchant account with C3 Trading Inc. An approval is followed by the process of integration, which enables our tech team to attach the gateway with your payments page. Payments that you make through your website will be considered for processing via our gateway. This process adds more security to the customer data and provides our customer the necessary peace of mind. Upon approval, no additional fee is charged for integrating the payment gateway.