High Risk Merchants

Do all domestic banks see more risk in your business? Do you wish to find any credit card processing solution that offers less trading limitations towards high risk merchant? Has your current merchant been closed by the acquiring bank due to your business changes. You may find the right solution with C3 Trading Inc if your answer seems positive towards any of these quetions.

High risk industries see more approvals

C3 Trading Inc is of the opinion that all legitimate organizations should be able to accept credit cards over the internet. This includes organizations that have long been working in environments that never indulge in credit card processing. We serve various e-commerce industries with merchant accounts through our wide network of acquiring banks that operate internationally and across offshore sights.

5 merchant account features that reflect a higher risk

  • Credit cards offered by all major brands are recognized by C3 Trading Inc. These brands include China Union Pay, JCB, Visa, Diner’s Club and MasterCard.
  • Commitment to safety and security through Maxmind, SSL Certificates and 3D Secure Processing.
  • Some 40 shopping carts that have gained popularity over the past few years are recognized by our payment gateway that’s PCI compliant.
  • Processing multiple currencies: A little over 160 currencies have been recognized by C3 Trading Inc.
  • Live technical support and customer care services: Call us or chat over the internet.

Factors that develop my high risk profile

  • A start-up business with little or without any history of processing credit cards.
  • Bad history of bankruptcy and bad credit rating.
  • Any industry depicting higher charge ratio e.g. tourism.
  • Average ticket expense worth a higher amount e.g. airline ticket.
  • Services or products based on subscriptions e.g. online magazines.
  • Merchant account history following termination by any bank.
  • A business that conducts bulk processing.

How to bring down my risk profile

The high sales volume of e-commerce businesses often places them under the high-risk category. By setting up different merchant accounts, you may get your risk profile lowered. In order to lower your monthly volume, your sales can be assigned to your accounts effectively when you use different accounts.

C3 Trading Inc provides its merchants with the 3D secure processing option. This feature helps in lowering the risk profile of each merchant. In addition, merchants are bound to enjoy an additional backup security when they have multiple merchant accounts. Such security is truly beneficial in the event of an unforeseen termination by any acquiring bank. You may sit face to face with the C3 Trading Inc representative to know more about the advantages of using different merchant accounts.