Business Funding

C3 Trading Inc, looks at your business performance, not just a credit score to let you know right away how much funding can you access. With secure ongoing access to your account we can review your revenue in a faction of time. It takes traditional lenders to provide right amount of funding at the right time based on the latest business performance.

Learn More about Business Funding

All business loans have specific loan terms and interest rates, and in many cases, elements like your credit history, available collateral, and overall business plan will play roles in whether you are granted the loan or not.

Different financial institutions have different criteria, and C3 Trading Inc has its own criteria that does not solely depend on credit score. So, just because one bank or lender has rejected you, that does not mean there are no other options for securing the funding you need to support your business.

C3 Trading Inc provides business loans with an easier and faster approval process. Our services are designed to provide your loan faster than traditional lenders. Your ongoing business cash flow and daily transactions play a large role in getting your loan approved. Daily, weekly, and bi-weekly repayment options are available at C3 Trading Inc company. Additionally, we are able to finance industries that traditional lenders do not. If you’re looking for additional financing on top of your existing loan from a traditional lender, we are able to do that too.


Securely link your Business Accounts

With secure, ongoing access to your accounts, we can review your revenue in a fraction of the time it takes traditional lenders and can provide the right amount of funding at the right time based on your latest business performance. Security is our first priority. We use the highest encryption standards to protect your accounts. We can never see or store your personal information.

Get a Decision Quickly

We’ll assess your business performance to let you know how much funding you can access. We analyze a variety of financial performance indicators like revenue consistency, cash flow and the business owner’s consumer credit, so one factor won’t necessarily keep you from qualifying.


Taking Funds

Withdraw the amount you need, when you need it, from your computer or phone.

Making Payments

C3 Trading Inc loans have simple, monthly payments with no prepayment penalties or hidden fees..